A New Approach to Saxophone Lessons

Play™ is an online saxophone lessons platform with instructional videos, play-along audio tracks, downloadable worksheets, and flexible practice assignments - all from professional saxophonists. 

Pay as you go and complete the classes in your own time. No weekly commitments or time requirements.

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About the Classes & Platform

What is Play Online Saxophone Lessons™?

Play provides foundational saxophone instruction for beginners, helping players develop a good tone, strong technique, music-reading skills, and other essential skills to empower the student to pursue a hobby or career in saxophone.

Who Should Take Play's Lessons?

You should take Play's lessons if you are a beginner who is new to the saxophone. Lessons can be taken on soprano, alto, tenor, or baritone.


Play is Also Ideal for Busy and/or Fluctuating Schedules

We understand that you have other commitments. The platform will be crafted to ensure maximum learning with whatever time you have to give. There is no time limit and classes will combine video segments, written instruction, playing exercises, cheat sheet PDFs, and guided practice assignments.

Our goal is to not only help our students learn the coolest instrument out there, but enjoy some time away from the day-to-day hustle of life as well.

Will Play Online Saxophone Lessons Be the Right Fit for Me?

Presently you can take our lessons if you are a beginner who wants to learn how to play the saxophone through professional guidance.


We'll be adding more advanced lessons over time to suit more playing levels.

Play's lessons can be completed on a computer, tablet, and your phone (although for convenience we recommend a larger screen if possible).