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The Play Online Music Lessons™ platform is built to offer affordable and professional on-demand saxophone lessons that teach students the foundations of the instrument. With the foundational skills you learn from Play, you can then go on to learn any song or any genre of music that you want.


The platform is also built understanding that students have other priorities in life, so is structured to teach students in a methodical, effective way without applying intimidating or un-accommodatable time requirements. 

Secondarily, Play promotes wellness and personal growth through creative exploration and an appreciation for the positive impact of “play” and creativity on one’s overall wellness. 

Play lessons are always taught by professionals with degrees in Saxophone Performance and Education.


About Alanna Hawley

I earned my degree in Saxophone Performance at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and also studied Saxophone Performance at the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!). I have taught private lessons in North Carolina and California (my new home) over the last decade.

About the Passion

I had always dreamed of opening a music studio and coffee shop so that students of all ages could come together for lessons, take fun music classes, perform at the café, and enjoy good food and beverages. Thanks to modern technology, I felt I could start to build a similar online world. And thus, Play was born. Maybe one day we'll have virtual coffee too - who knows!

For me, music has always been about accessing something different that you can't access in other areas of life. And ultimately, it's something to be enjoyed- not another source of pressure. With Play, I strive to help students learn as much as they can but keep it fun. 

We're in the early stages of building this fun-filled musical world, and if you're reading this, I invite you to join us on a beautiful journey to creating a really great space. 

Photo of Alanna Hawley, Play Online Music Lessons Founder
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