Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

From saxophone fundamentals to ongoing skill development - enjoy our on demand saxophone lessons for beginners to help you build the foundational skills needed to explore the exciting world of saxophone playing.

Each Class has 4 individual lessons (2-3 hours of lesson time) that you can complete in your own time, and includes videos, audio play-alongs, practice assignments, and a downloadable PDF guide for each Class.


Free Saxophone Fundamentals

The 4 lessons in this Class will cover everything you need to get started playing the saxophone. By the end of the Class, you'll be able to play your first three notes and your first song.


Beginner Saxophone Level 1

Building off of the Fundamentals Class, this $39 bundle of 4 lessons (2-3 hours of lesson time) will teach you new notes and your first Jazz tune, Sonnymoon for Two by Sonny Rollins.

No classes for this skill level!

Where Should I Start?

If you're brand new to the saxophone, start with our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class to learn the basics.

After you complete Saxophone Fundamentals (or if you already know how to play the notes G, A, and B), you have the option to continue with our paid saxophone classes ($39 for 2-3 hours of lesson time). Or, you can continue to learn through the other content and articles we have on our platform until you're ready to dive in deeper.