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Check out our free saxophone resources below, from fingering charts, to warm-ups, to practice sheets, and more.

Saxophone Warm-Ups

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A good warm-up, even if it's only for a few minutes, is essential to playing like a pro. Warming up helps to prepare your muscles, saxophone, and mind to play - just like you would for a sport. It also helps you develop rock-solid foundational skills (like good tone and good finger technique).

These free warm-ups are a great add-on to your practice sessions, helping you work on your tone, breathing, and technique.

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Fingering Charts

We have several different fingering charts geared towards beginners through advanced saxophonists, including alternate fingerings (COMING SOON).

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Scales & Technique Exercises

COMING SOON! We'll have major and minor scales for saxophone that you can open on your device, download, or print. Plus, we'll also have scale-based technique exercises with tips and instructions.


Intonation Worksheet

COMING SOON! Our printable intonation worksheet (where you measure the natural intonation tendencies across the range of the instrument) will help support playing in tune, developing a better tone, and is useful in testing new mouthpieces, reeds, and new horns.


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