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Downloadable Resources

Check out our free saxophone resources below, from fingering charts, to warm-ups, to practice sheets, and more.

Fingering Chart for Beginners

Our fingering chart is made especially for beginners. The fingering chart PDF goes through all the basic notes you need to know, and highlights which ones to learn first.

View the Saxophone Fingering Chart >>

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Practice Plan Template

When practicing to achieve certain goals or progress on the saxophone (or any instrument), you can use this template to plan out your specific practice session plan. This helps create greater focus and efficiency in whatever time you have available.

Download the PDF>>

View a sample practice plan for beginners here

Saxophone Warm-Ups

A good warm-up, even if it's only for a few minutes, is essential to playing like a pro. Warming up helps to prepare your muscles, saxophone, and mind to play - just like you would for a sport. It also helps you develop rock-solid foundational skills (like good tone and good finger technique).

These free warm-ups are a great add-on to your practice sessions, helping you work on your tone, breathing, and technique.

View Saxophone Warm-Ups >>

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