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Online Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ teaches foundational saxophone skills specifically for beginner and intermediate students (even brand new beginners).

We also believe that music offers a unique gateway to inner growth and wellness, from the built-in connection to the breath, to meditative qualities, to playfulness and creative expression.

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Finding new joy and fun in your life.

Let's not forget that ultimately we're here to enjoy ourselves! Playing music is creative, expressive, and sometimes silly. Imagine having a new outlet for your need for play and creativity!

Having dedicated time to literally take deep breaths and step away from the hustle of life.

Imagine having a reason to step away, quiet the mind, and take deep breaths.

Building new confidence in yourself.

Performing on any instrument, even if that is performing for your teacher in a private lesson, requires moving through nerves and fear. Teach yourself to face challenges with methodical execution and a new sense of confidence.

Learning to trust your hands and your body.

In playing the saxophone, you will learn to rely on muscle memory and learn how to trust your body to execute dozens of intricate tasks in a single moment. Imagine this new trust and connection with your body.

Playing that song or solo that drew you into learning the saxophone in the first place.

Imagine looking back on yourself now and thinking, wow, I accomplished ALL of that!? You won't believe what you're capable of.

How You'll Learn to Play
the Saxophone Online Through Our Platform

At Play Online Saxophone Lessons, we are geared toward actually teaching you how to play the saxophone. We are currently one of the only platforms specializing in teaching beginners.

Are you brand new to the saxophone? Start with our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class.

Saxophone Fundamentals will get you from taking the saxophone out of the case to playing your first song on the saxophone. You'll build your base fundamental saxophone skills and get oriented with using the Play platform.

Then Join the Studio.

In the paid Play Studio, you'll progress through our level-based online saxophone lessons, follow a guided practice routine every week, and submit a monthly playing video (an asynchronous private lesson). In Play Studio Plus, you can submit weekly playing videos if you're looking for a faster learning pace.


All saxophone classes and lessons are geared towards building your foundational skills. In fact, Play is one of the only platforms that focuses on beginner and intermediate saxophone students.

$49/month after that. Cancel anytime.

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Can I really learn to how to play the saxophone online?

Absolutely! Modern technology not only makes learning how to play the saxophone online possible but actually provides a whole new way to learn any instrument. Through the Play platform, we offer formats and features in our online saxophone lessons to appeal to different types of learners, different budgets, and different schedules. Our offerings range from on-demand classes with videos and audio play-alongs, group classes, and more immersive, one-on-one programs.

Do you offer one-on-one private online saxophone lessons?

One-off private saxophone lessons (via Zoom) are available for students who are looking for more individualized support. I recommend working through our on-demand, online saxophone classes first, and then scheduling a private Zoom lesson to check in on your skill development. Private lessons are $55 for 30 minutes of one-on-one instruction.

Will Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ be the right fit for me?

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to play the saxophone through professional guidance but are looking for more flexible options, Play is right for you.
If you’re already working on intermediate or advanced repertoire, we recommend jumping into our Level 2 immersive saxophone programs (coming late 2023) for more hands-on and faster-paced curriculums.

You should also have a reliable internet connection. Play's online saxophone lessons can be completed on a computer, tablet, and your phone (although for convenience we recommend a larger screen if possible), so as long as you have access to that technology plus a stable internet connection, you are able to access our saxophone lessons.

Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about Play Online Saxophone Lessons, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to speak with you further.

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