Foundational Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ offers on-demand video lessons for beginners including informative graphics, audio play-alongs, structured practice assignments, and options to get teacher feedback. Learn to play the saxophone online with any device through our step-by-step saxophone lessons.

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Flexible and affordable

There's no replacement for in-person private lessons, but for many students, budget, scheduling, and accessibility to teachers in their area can pose challenges. Play offers an alternative learning solution to help anyone learn how to play the saxophone, including the option to get monthly or weekly teacher feedback to support your learning experience.

Professional instructors

All of our saxophone lessons and Classes are taught by active professionals with degrees in saxophone performance.

Bring enjoyment and wellness to your day

Aside from teaching you how to play the saxophone, we also strive to promote wellness and personal growth through creative exploration, breathing, listening, and mindfulness.

Use Play to supplement other lessons too

Whether you're about to start private lessons and want to prepare, are already taking lessons, are a YouTube champion, or are band student, Play can also help support and supplement your saxophone skill-building with additional resources and further instruction.

Learn to play your first Jazz tunes and build your foundational saxophone skills

Our Classes range from learning specific tunes (like Sonnymoon for Two) to taking foundational saxophone classes that mimic private lessons. We also offer a free Saxophone Fundamentals Class to help you get started on the saxophone.

Want to see what the Classes are like?
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Starting from Square One? Here's How to Start Playing the Saxophone

1. Buy or rent a saxophone and supplies

If you don't have a saxophone yet, you can buy new or used, or rent an instrument. Our buying guide goes over different options for buying or renting a saxophone, as well as the other supplies you will need to have.

2. If your saxophone is used, get it inspected

If you have a used saxophone (versus new), we recommend getting it inspected by a local music store repair tech to be sure it's working well.

3. Take our free Saxophone Fundamentals online class

Our free Saxophone Fundamentals class will take you from getting the saxophone out of your case to playing your first three notes.

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Always Taught By Professionals

Our online saxophone lessons are taught by professional saxophonists with degrees in saxophone performance. Get to know our teachers to learn more about their experience. 

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Who Should Take Our Online Saxophone Lessons?

If you just started learning or you’re brand new to the saxophone, our lessons are for you. Play’s saxophone lessons are also good for beginners who might already know how to play a few notes but are experiencing frustration in trying to keep up with other more advanced lessons.

Are Play's Lessons Good For Adults and School-Aged Students?

Yes, our online saxophone lessons are a good fit for middle-school students through adults. Although our lessons are very structured with built in warm-ups, interactive videos and play-alongs, and practice assignments, some younger students may need additional check-ins and encouragement to stay focused.

Will Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ Be the Right Fit for Me?

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to play the saxophone through professional guidance, then Play Online Saxophone Lessons might be the right fit for you.
If you’re already working on intermediate or advanced repertoire, Play may not be the best fit for you at this time. We'll be adding more advanced saxophone lessons over time to suit more playing levels.

Play's online saxophone lessons can be completed on a computer, tablet, and your phone (although for convenience we recommend a larger screen if possible), so as long as you have access to that technology plus a stable internet connection, you are able to access our saxophone lessons.

Have Any Other Questions?

If you have any other questions about Play Online Saxophone Lessons, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to speak with you further.

How Much Are the Lessons?

We offer a free Saxophone Fundamentals Class for those who are just getting started from scratch, then from there, our saxophone Classes cost anywhere from $9-$59 and include 4 to 5 individual lessons. If you opt to join Play Premium, you will have unlimited access to all Classes and will also be able to message a teacher with questions and get personalized playing tips. Learn more about Play Premium here.