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Online Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Most online saxophone lesson content isn't actually made for beginners, or just brushes over the basics. This can be very frustrating for new students. When you're learning the saxophone, you need dedicated lesson content made for beginners. 

Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ teaches foundational saxophone skills specifically for beginner saxophone students (even brand new beginners).

Learn How to Get Started

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Plus, Imagine...

Having dedicated time to literally take deep breaths and step away from the hustle of life.

Imagine having a reason to step away, quiet the mind, and take deep breaths. Deep breathing is shown to relieve stress, and is built right into playing the saxophone!

Building new confidence in yourself.

Performing on any instrument, even if that is performing for your teacher in a private lesson, requires moving through nerves and fear. Teach yourself to face challenges with methodical execution and a new sense of confidence.

Learning to trust your hands and your body.

In playing the saxophone, you will learn to rely on muscle memory and learn how to trust your body to execute dozens of intricate tasks in a single moment. Imagine this new trust and connection with your body.

Playing that song or solo you aspire to play

Close your eyes, and imagine playing that song that drew you to the saxophone. With the right foundational skills, you'll be equipped to learn any song you want to play.

Steps to Get Started

At Play Online Saxophone Lessons, our lessons are geared specifically toward teaching beginners how to play the saxophone. We are currently one of the only platforms specializing in beginner instruction.

1. Make sure you have all the essential equipment.

Our Gear Guide walks you through the essential equipment you will need to start playing. These are the items you must have in order to play. Additional accessories can be purchased later.

Go to the Gear Guide

2. Take our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class.

Saxophone Fundamentals takes you from getting your saxophone out of the case to playing your first notes. This is also a necessary refresher for other beginners who may have started learning on their own. 

Take Saxophone Fundamentals

3. Submit a free Habit Buster video for teacher feedback.

With our 5-day free trial of Play Studio, you can submit one free video to get teacher support. This is a great time to check in on what you've learned so far and make sure you're not building any bad habits.


Continuing your Play Studio Membership gives you access to two more levels of beginner saxophone lessons (with more lessons coming soon) and ongoing chat and video messages with the teacher.

$49/month after that. Cancel anytime.

Steps to Get Started
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Is it actually possible to learn saxophone online?

Yes it is absolutely possible to learn the saxophone online. Modern technology not only makes learning saxophone online possible but actually provides a whole new way to learn that is more advantageous for some students. Online saxophone lessons offer more budget-friendly options and more flexibility, while still having access to a professional teacher. 

Is the saxophone easy for beginners?

The saxophone is moderately easy for beginners and is easier than other wind instruments. Expect some delayed gratification, as it may not be intuitive at first and may take time to get the first few skills under your belt. But then you'll probably progress pretty quickly from there. Like any instrument though, reaching an advanced level can take years.

Can I learn the saxophone in 3 months?

Yes you can learn to play the saxophone in 3 months, however, you will still be at a beginner level and may only be able to play a limited number of songs. But by three months, you will be able to play recognizable melodies! Our online beginner saxophone lessons teach you a new song by the end of each class so that you can even play a small set list after 3 months. Browse our classes here.

Have any other questions?

If you have any other questions about Play Online Saxophone Lessons, feel free to contact us and we'd be happy to speak with you further.

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