Foundational Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

We teach you the basics so that you can pursue your passion for playing the saxophone.

Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ focuses on teaching the fundamentals of playing the saxophone and reading music. Learn to play the saxophone online with any device through our step-by-step, on-demand lessons.

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Enjoy professional instruction with flexible time commitments

There are no time limits and you can work on your lessons whenever you want. Our saxophone lessons are broken down into smaller chunks so that you can dive in whenever you'd like.

Learn the foundational skills required to follow other online saxophone tutorials

There are a lot of great resources on the internet for learning your favorite Jazz or Rock tunes, learning how to improvise, and more; but they all assume you already know the basics of playing. Learn the basics here so that you’re ready for the next level.

Bring enjoyment and wellness to your day

Aside from teaching you how to play the saxophone, we also strive to promote wellness and personal growth through creative exploration, breathing, and listening/mindfulness.

Build good practice habits

Our lessons are formatted with approachable warm-ups and practice assignments that help you build strong habits without even thinking about it.

How to Get Started on the Saxophone

1. Buy or rent a saxophone and supplies

If you don't have a saxophone yet, you can buy new or used, or rent an instrument. Our buying guide goes over different options for buying or renting a saxophone, as well as the other supplies you will need to have.

2. If your saxophone is used, get it inspected

If you have a used saxophone (versus a new saxophone), we recommend getting it inspected by a local music store repair tech to be sure it's working well.

3. Take our free Saxophone Fundamentals online class

Our free Saxophone Fundamentals class will take you from getting the saxophone out of your case to playing your first three notes.

After you complete Saxophone Fundamentals, you have the option to continue with our paid saxophone classes ($39 for 2-3 hours of lesson time). Or, you can continue to learn through the other content and articles we have on our platform until you're ready to dive in deeper.

Explore our articles and other content, and follow us on social media for more tips and guidance on playing the saxophone.

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Always Taught By Professionals

Our online saxophone lessons are taught by professional saxophonists with degrees in saxophone performance. Get to know our teachers to learn more about their experience. 

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Who Should Take Our Online Saxophone Lessons?

If you’re brand new to the saxophone, our lessons are for you. Play’s lessons are also good for beginners who might already know how to play a few notes but are experiencing frustration in trying to keep up with other more advanced lessons.

Play is also Ideal for Busy and/or Fluctuating Schedules

We understand that you have other commitments. Our online saxophone lessons are crafted to ensure maximum learning with whatever time you have to give. There is no time limit and classes will combine video segments, written instruction, playing exercises, cheat sheet PDFs, and guided practice assignments.Our goal is to not only help our students learn the coolest instrument out there, but enjoy some time away from the day-to-day hustle of life as well. 

Currently, our lessons are primarily for alto saxophone, but we're working hard to release versions for tenor sax (and applicable to soprano and baritone as well). 

Will Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ Be the Right Fit for Me?

If you are a beginner who wants to learn how to play the saxophone through professional guidance, then Play Online Saxophone Lessons might be the right fit for you.
If you’re already working on intermediate or advanced repertoire, Play may not be the best fit for you at this time. We'll be adding more advanced saxophone lessons over time to suit more playing levels.

Play's online saxophone lessons can be completed on a computer, tablet, and your phone (although for convenience we recommend a larger screen if possible).