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Online Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

Learn how to play the saxophone online with any device.

Play Online Saxophone Lessons™ offers saxophone lessons for beginners through video instruction with accompanying PDFs and play-alongs that you complete on your own schedule.


In each Class, you'll learn a new song. You also have the option to receive teacher feedback and support along the way.

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Your schedule, your budget

When it comes to traditional private music lessons, budget, scheduling, and access to qualified teachers can often become obstacles for students. Play offers professional, alternative learning solutions that offer more flexibility for different needs, different schedules, and different budgets.

Professional instructors

All of our saxophone lessons and Classes are taught by active professionals with degrees in saxophone performance.

Bring enjoyment and wellness to your day

Beyond learning the mechanics of how to play the saxophone, imagine supporting your own wellness and confidence through creative exploration, breathing, listening, and mindfulness.

Brand New to the Saxophone? Start With Our Free Saxophone Fundamentals Class.

The Saxophone Fundamentals Class will take you from square one to learning how to play your first song on the saxophone.

Taught By Professionals

Our online saxophone lessons for beginners are taught by active professional saxophonists with degrees in saxophone performance. Get to know our teachers to learn more about their experience. 

How Paid Classes and Lessons Work

Join our foundation-building On-Demand Classes (4-5 lessons in each Class) and complete them in your own time. Access all On-Demand Classes through a Play Premium Membership (comes with additional teacher support as well), or purchase individually.