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Asynchronous Saxophone Lessons

Do have questions for a teacher? Maybe you've been watching YouTube videos and teaching yourself but you need a little extra guidance to get you over the hump.

How It Works

Show us what you're getting stuck on, ask questions, or play something for us and a teacher will send a video response within 2 business days. You can continue to purchase as many asynchronous lessons as you'd like! 

You can use your phone or compute to record a video (we'll show you how - it's easy!)

Best Value

One-Off Teacher Support



Have questions? Get some extra help from a teacher!

Valid for 2 weeks

Submit your top questions to get answers ASAP

Send up to 5 minutes of video questions and/or playing

Get a video response from the teacher within 2 business days

You Can Also Explore Our Beginner Saxophone Classes

There's a lot of content on the internet. However, new saxophone players need content specifically for beginners. Too often, frustration over trying to follow more advanced tutorials causes many new saxophone students to give up.


Our online saxophone lessons offer level-based lessons for beginners to guide you step-by-step through beginner saxophone skills. Lessons include videos, audio play-alongs, and PDF guides to instill the fundamentals and set you up for success.

Beginner saxophone class icon

Free Saxophone Fundamentals (start here)

ON-DEMAND CLASS. The 4 free lessons in this Class will cover everything you need to get started playing the saxophone. By the end of the Class, you'll be able to play your first three notes and your first song.

Beginner saxophone class icon

Beginner Saxophone Level 2

ON-DEMAND CLASS. Continue building your skills with Beginner Saxophone Level 2, where you'll learn how to play Blue Bossa, plus numerous other foundational saxophone skills. Beginner Level 2 contains 5 lessons (8-12 hours of total lesson time). This Class is $59, or can be accessed with a Play Studio membership.

Beginner saxophone class icon

Beginner Saxophone Level 1

ON-DEMAND CLASS. Building off of the Fundamentals Class, this bundle of 4 lessons (4-8 hours of total lesson time) mimics a private lesson curriculum. You will learn new notes and your first Jazz tune, Sonnymoon for Two by Sonny Rollins. This Class is $49, or can be accessed with a Play Studio membership.

Beginner saxophone class icon

[REPLAY] Beginner Saxophone Masterclass

REPLAY. In this 2-day masterclass (2 hours total), we covered foundational exercises and tips to improve your tone, reduce squeaks and ultimately tap into your bigger vision in playing the saxophone, which led into day 2 where we covered strategies to build your performing confidence no matter where you are in your playing. Catch the full replay here!

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