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Alanna earned her degree in Saxophone Performance at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and also studied saxophone and music education at the University of Georgia (go Dawgs!) Over the years, she has performed saxophone in solo concerts, Jazz big bands, orchestras, wind ensembles, and saxophone quartets.

She started teaching private saxophone lessons about 13 years ago and has worked with dozens of students of all ages (even a student in their 80s!)

She currently lives in San Diego, California where she has taught private lessons and works on building the community.


Alanna Hawley

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Alanna Hawley

Building blocks

Free Saxophone Fundamentals

The 4 lessons in this Class will cover everything you need to get started playing the saxophone. By the end of the Class, you'll be able to play your first three notes and your first song.

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Alanna Hawley

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The Top Saxophone Tips for Beginners [with Video and Free Downloads]

Check out these saxophone tips for beginners to get started and help you play like a pro. Plus, we've also included some warm-ups and exercises to help build your skills as a beginner.

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How to Choose a Saxophone Mouthpiece

Are you on a quest to find "the one"? (The right saxophone mouthpiece, that is). It's important to note that a good or different mouthpiece won't make or break you as a saxophone player, but having a saxophone mouthpiece that works for you can certainly be a helpful component in achieving your best sound.

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How to Store Saxophone Reeds

Playing saxophone well is all about making it as easy as possible, and that includes keeping your reed in great shape. Proper saxophone reed storage is one of the keys to doing that.

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Sax FAQ: How Do You Put a Saxophone Together?

How to Put a Saxophone Together.

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4 Tips for Preventing Saxophone Playing Tension

As mentioned in our post on the top beginner saxophone tips, playing with a lot of tension can negatively affect your tone and technique, and possibly cause playing injuries as well.

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Sax FAQ: Why is My Saxophone Squeaking?

The most likely reasons for squeaks are listed here, in order of most likely to least likely.

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