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How To Put a Saxophone Together

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

How to Put a Saxophone Together Step-by-Step

This post will go over all the details on how to assemble a saxophone, BUT FIRST! There are several important things to keep in mind when you are putting your saxophone together:

  • Always place the case on a solid surface (floor or table) so that the case doesn’t get knocked over.

  • Do not aggressively grab the saxophone’s keys and fragile mechanisms. You can hold the saxophone by the bell, or by cradling the saxophone from the bottom or carefully holding the saxophone near the reinforcing brace.

Ok, let's get into it and learn how to put a saxophone together! Follow along with our YouTube video or follow along with our step-by-step text and images below the video.

Keep learning! Join our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class to learn your first notes.

By the end of the free Saxophone Fundamentals Class, you'll have put your saxophone and mouthpiece together and will have learned your first three notes.


How to Put a Saxophone Together - Text Instructions

Before we dive into saxophone assembly, here are the different parts of the saxophone you should have in your case:

The Parts of a Saxophone for Saxophone Assembly

Here's how to put together a saxophone:

  1. Attach your neck strap hook to the metal loop on the back side of the saxophone

  2. Loosen the screw that is at the very top, smaller end of the saxophone body (loosen but don't remove)

  3. With the screw loosened, attach the neck to the top, smaller end of the saxophone body by wiggling it gently back and forth until it is all the way down.

  4. Tighten the screw again, only to the point where the neck won't move or shift.

  5. Attach the mouthpiece to the cork end of the neck by gently rotating/wiggling the mouthpiece back and forth until the mouthpiece is fully on the cork. Push it on far enough to be secure, but you don't need to go all the way down the cork. In the future, you'll learn more about where to put the mouthpiece in order to play more in tune.

How to Put Together a Saxophone Mouthpiece

Here are the different parts of the saxophone mouthpiece setup:

The Parts of the Saxophone Mouthpiece

Here's How To Put Together a Saxophone Mouthpiece:

  1. Slide ligature onto the mouthpiece (starting from the thin end of the mouthpiece). The larger end of the ligature slides on first and the screw(s) will go off to your right.

  2. Slide the thick end of the reed under the ligature, with the flat side of the reed against the flat side of the mouthpiece (see image below).

  3. Tighten the ligature only to the point that nothing moves or wiggles

Saxophone Ligature Positioning - How to Put a Saxophone Mouthpiece Together

Sliding the reed under the ligature (thick end first, with the flat side against the mouthpiece):

How to Put the Reed on a Saxophone Mouthpiece


Note that Lesson 1 of our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class goes through the saxophone assembly steps, and includes the next lessons: Making your first sound and playing your first three notes.


We hope that was a helpful explanation of how to put the saxophone together. Don't forget to check out the rest of our content and our free Saxophone Fundamentals Class for more guidance.

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