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Beginner Saxophone Lessons

Our Classes offer comprehensive, foundational lessons for saxophone players, and can take the student from never having touched a saxophone all the way to playing their first Jazz tunes.

Where Should I Start?

You can start with the free Saxophone Fundamentals Class (under "Beginner Saxophone Classes"). Even if you've already started to play a few notes, you should start here as well to be sure you're building the right habits. Then, work your way through each Beginner Level 1 and then Beginner Level 2.

How Does It Work?

After you complete the free Saxophone Fundamentals Class, you can purchase individual classes as you go. In the future, we'll also offer a subscription that will give you unlimited access, plus additional perks. 

Once you purchase a Class, there is no expiration date and no time limit on completing it, and you can access it whenever you'd like.

What Materials Do You Need to Take a Class?

The required materials are:

- Your saxophone and essential supplies (see the Gear Guide for essential sax supplies)

- Your device - a smartphone, tablet, or computer

- A reliable internet connection

- A metronome (you can also use a free phone app, such as The Metronome by Soundbrenner)

- Recommended: Access to a printer (to print your music for each Class)

- Recommended: A pencil and a notebook or notepad, and a folder to organize your printed music/materials